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We have no idea, but things between Rodriguez and Lopez seem pretty serious. Lo eats when she cheats on her diet, telling The View panelists that the star indulges in chocolate chip cookies and chocolate chip ice cream when she needs to satisfy her sweet tooth.

And Rodriguez himself came out and said this during his interview on The View.

Though Bieber did not attend the lavish event like he had in years past, and Steinfeld walked the red carpet solo, the pair allegedly met up afterwards, and were seen sitting on a couch together in downtown New York City. reports, and that a mutual friend of the actress confirms that there’s “zero truth, none whatsoever” to these allegations.

Neither Beiber nor Steinfeld have commented on the matter.

Asked during an appearance on The View whether he's dating the Shades of Blue actress, Rodriguez didn't really beat around the bush or deny the influx of recent reports. Rodriguez always came across like a pretty big tool during his baseball career, spouting cliches, displaying little personality, often lying and cheating and breaking drug rules.

He responded as follows: “We've been having a great time. One of the smartest human beings I've ever met and also an incredible mother." So there you have it. Rod was left with almost no choice but to confirm this romance after he was spotted with Lopez at a spring training baseball game in Florida last weekend.

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