Cambodian dating traditions

Here’s a few to whet your appetite to learn more, and to practice respectfully while you travel throughout Thailand.

• The Royal Family of Thailand is held in very high respect.

This is also a time to bid farewell to the family's Kitchen God (, a yellow blossom that represents spring; and red banners on the front door as it's believed that red wards off evil spirits from entering the house.

Adults also give fancy red envelopes to children full of or "lucky money," always in even denominations since odd numbers are considered bad luck.

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These objects are chestnuts (symbolizing respect) and jujubes ("daechu") or dried red dates (symbolizing diligence).

Still on lovely round values of 100,000 won or more the couple will certainly be ready to make an exception. It is an indivisible numer and Buddhist believe that it is sacred. The sake drank during this ceremony is not always delicious. "Creeling the groom" is an old Scottish wedding ritual where the groom carries big basket full of stones on his back.

"San-san-kudo no Sakazuki" or just "sakazuki-goto" is the name of the ceremony held at Japanese wedding. He has to carry it until the bride comes and gives him a kiss.

Making derogatory remarks about any of the royal family is against the law.

The penalty is 3 – 15 years’ imprisonment, depending on the severity.

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