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Do yourself a favor and go read a bunch of books on sales at the bookstore.

And use this as a learning experience until you make the move an go solo - good luck!

So every January, health club memberships spike, with new memberships doubling at many gyms.

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“Crushing on my personal trainer meant saying ‘sayonara self-respect’.I had a teenage strop about burpees and fell off a rowing machine… “When he announced he was changing gyms I plucked up the courage to tell him just how much I fancied him. But don’t mistake that for flirting back – sorry, but usually it’s just part of the job.” Jonny Jacobs, Unbound’s in-house PT “It was only when I started dating my personal trainer that I realised one of the things I fancied most about him – his, admittedly, ripped physique – was also the thing he fancied most about himself.While I’d like to say we ran off into the sunset, I told him at his leaving do when I was totally hammered so have absolutely no idea what he said.” Karina “I’m sure it works for some people, but dating a client isn’t for me. “When he wasn’t in the gym working, he was in there working out.In the big business of upscale gyms, Equinox soars above its rivals.With Kiehl’s hair and body products in the locker rooms and “eco-chic amenities” such as sustainable cork floors, Equinox promises epic workouts and unexpected luxuries to a clientele primarily of coastal elites.

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