Who is pete cashmore dating

Blogs were springing up, so I subscribed to as many blogs as I could.Read absolutely everything I could and it kind of became my replacement education in a way. At first, I was smitten and we dated for a whole year - the second longest relationship I've ever had.She was also the woman who, to use an old-fashioned euphemism, made a man of me. I must admit we got together out of convenience: she was there and it was easy.I dashed into a pub for shelter at the same time as Arabella.

He is the closest thing Britain has to an internet A-lister to rank alongside Silicon Valley titans such…

recently spoke with Cashmore about the evolving nature of the site, his reaction to incessant coverage of himself in tech blogs, whether online media outlets should impose pay walls, and if he thinks My Space will ever bounce back. Founding the site was pretty much his first job, as he worked as a Web consultant for a short time beforehand.

Pete Cashmore is founder and CEO of Mashable, one of the largest blogs in terms of audience. The site’s mission is to be “the social media guide” and cover all things social media.

We rebranded in January this year to be the social media guide, which is a bit more holistic: looking at the whole spectrum — how tools like Facebook, Twitter, You Tube are affecting media [and] society.

Obviously when it started out nobody was really sure that blogging was going to take off or come to be anything, or be something that would make people money. It was only a few thousand per month, but it kind of legitimized blogging as a business.

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