Adults sharing webcams

“Webcam viewers will see the rich social interactions of these intelligent birds, such as the two adults sharing parental duties, and their interactions with each other and the chick,” said Dr.

Estelle Sandhaus, the Zoo's director of conservation and research.

There are a huge number of positive uses and potential for using webcams as a tool for communication.

Our advice can help you minimise the risks associated with webcams and video chatting.

Located in the heart of Telluride’s downtown this user-controllable web cam gives a live view of Telluride in HD quality.

It’s great for checking the current weather, snow conditions, traffic, and watching special events.

Stork As a special treat, we also provided you with footage of a White Stork nest.

The chicks will spend the best part of three months in the nest, before striking out on their own.

You can take control of the pan and tilt features of the video.

You control the camera by clicking the directional navigation sliders, or by choosing from the a drop down list of specific views of the campus.

If there are multiple users accessing the camera at the same time, users will be placed into a control queue.

The Tarragona Amphitheatre or the Roman Aqueduct Pont del Diable give proof of a long history of settlement.

A visit to the Port Aventura theme park, the second largest in Europe, is always worthwhile.

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