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Each weekend throughout the Faire season will showcase an exciting and unique theme that offers a different experience every time.

WHAT TO BRING Bring your tickets, valid ID, blankets, one bottle of water is OK, sunscreen and still camera.

FRONT GATE PROCEDURES: Get your ticket at the ticket booth, get in line at the gate, you will be searched by security.

This article is a substantially revised version of the second chapter of my doctoral dissertation submitted to the University of Michigan.

I am grateful to my primary advisor, Miles Kimball, for his help, advice, and encouragement.

FOOD & DRINK A wide assortment of food and beverage vendors will be on hand. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO SEARCH ANY PARTICIPANT & ASK ANYONE WHO IS NOT OBSERVING THESE REGULATIONS TO LEAVE THE EVENT! Once you leave you will have to purchase another ticket for admission. Either way, you or someone you know has a profile somewhere soliciting love, and we wanted to know why, how, and what’s the most embarrassing possible outcome.Meet the esteemed panel of experts we gathered to help us get down to the nitty-gritty: Mona Boackle lives outside Seattle with her fiancé (whom she met online) and two rain-hating cats.

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